💚 Ethical Production

💚 Close-knit local supply chain

💚 Environmentally Friendly Natural Dyes and Low Impact Reactive Dyes

💚 Use of recycled water systems during fabric production and dyeing

💚 Responsibly sourced and sustainable materials

💚 Responsible paper based packaging and labels



When you choose Megosa you choose to protect the environment from harm caused by traditional synthetic dyes. The colours featured across Megosa's launch capsule - 3D Knit - are all Environmentally Friendly Natural Dyes. No additions or transformations and no harmful substances for the planet. Flowers, vegetal waste and mineral sources make up these beautiful colours giving each product a unique character. Water used during the dye process can be recycled as there are no harmful chemicals. 


Low Impact Environmentally Friendly Reactive Dyes

Our colours are a huge part of our design and development process. Our environmental impact is always considered when choosing how we create colour. For the Rib Knit Capsule we have introduced Low Impact Reactive Dyes, carefully chosen for its sustainable use of water and use of only certified, clean chemicals. The low impact dyes bind with the fabric itself which means the colour has far less runoff than you would find with traditional synthetic dyes. This colour stability means washing and caring for your Megosa item is simple. With the intension of the Rib Knit Capsule to be experienced for everyday style, it made sense to use a dye that could stand the test of time. Just like with our natural dyes all water used in the process can be recycled because the dye material itself is environmentally friendly.

Developing a safe black dye has been in our development for many years. Creating black wasn’t possible with Natural Dyes as black is very difficult to create from natural sources. You’ve been longing for Megosa Black, it’s finally here in the new Rib Knit Capsule.

We still love our natural dyes, it’s what Megosa started with, and we will continue to develop our use of sustainable natural dyes for particular capsules.

As the fibre content and dyes used in the different capsules are not the same, it’s normal to find shade variations across fabrics as well as across dye batches in the same capsule. Some areas of the garment can have more saturated colour, a common feature of garment dyeing. We’re embracing that you’ll always have something unique from us.



Megosa is obsessed with quality fabrics with textures and chooses each material with care. 

The 3D Knit capsule is made from 83% TENCEL ™ branded Modal fibre. Blending TENCEL ™ branded Modal fibres with other fibres significantly improves softness, enhancing overall comfort. It's supported by 12% branded Recycled Polyamide called Q-Nova®. 5% Elastane helps to achieve that fit, comfort and stretch that we all love.


For the Rib Knit Capsule we have developed a thick, drapey, soft rib knit fabric made from 47% TENCEL ™ branded Modal fibre, 47% Organic Cotton and 6% Elastane.


TENCEL™ branded Modal ­fibres are mainly manufactured from the renewable source of raw material beech wood, sourced from sustainable forests in Austria and neighbouring countries.

We love working with TENCEL ™ branded Modal fibres because it's an environmentally friendly and botanical fibre made from sustainable production processes and it FEELS SO GOOD! TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing.




This has been our fascination for quite some time. Yarn is directly knitted into full seamless garments significantly reducing waste as fabric cutting is almost eliminated. Compared to the industry standard of fabrics cut and then sewn, this is a much kinder option for our planet. 



Megosa's founder Stephanie has spent a decade developing high quality products for luxury London fashion brands. She has developed Megosa's entire supply chain and is involved in every step, visiting her suppliers regularly. All sourcing and manufacture is kept within Europe and production is currently made in Portugal. Each piece is designed in London by Stephanie.



We use responsibly sourced paper based packaging making it easy for you to recycle at home. 

  • Box is made from a percentage of recycled content and is fully recyclable
  • Tape is made from kraft paper with natural rubber adhesive
  • Brand card is made from 100% recycled fibres 
  • Tape, tissue paper and cards can be recycled with the box  

Swing tags

  • Recycled paper and organic cotton string
  • To recycle the tag remove the safety pin and string


  • There are no garment labels for 3D Knit pieces, all information is knitted into the fabric!
  • The Rib Knit Capsule labels are made from Organic Cotton