Care. Maintain. Repeat.


We've gone back to the origins of colouring fabrics, a much kinder process. All Megosa colours are Environmentally Friendly Natural Dyes. No additions or transformations and no harmful substances for the planet.

It's possible to have shade variations between dye batches, across fabrics and colours gradually change overtime. 

We think this is beautiful.

Products that use natural dyes need a little more TLC. Here's how you can maintain the beautiful colour and soft feel whilst keeping water and energy use low. 

To limit the materials we use, there are no labels. Care instructions are knitted on the inside of our products. 


  Hand wash cold.

  Use a gentle, natural detergent that does not contain citrus (or other acidic) oils/scents.

  Dry flat in full shade away from direct sunlight.

  Low temperature iron (110°C) on wrong side.


Do Not wash above 20°C.

  Do Not tumble dry.

  Do Not use bleach or stain removing products.

  Do Not dry clean.

Do Not dry in direct sunlight as the UV rays will rapidly fade the colour.


To prevent fading

  • Wash as little as possible and try airing between wears to freshen it up.
  • Do Not dry in direct sunlight as the UV rays will rapidly fade the colour.
  • Use a gentle, natural dye friendly washing detergent.



Knitted products can easily snag on sharp objects and start to develop pilling (bobbly texture) with friction against rough surface so please take care.

Care. Maintain. Repeat.